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"During each magazine construction, an explosives inspector verifies the magazine, ensuring that the standards are respected, and affixes a conformity plate on the magazine."
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Products & Services
We are happy to present you the products and services that will suit your needs. All items on this list are offered either at a new or used state, you can buy them or rent them at a very competitive price.



Product image Magazines (Type 4, 5, 11, Cat.1 Annex 5)

for unattented storage

Product image Mini-magazine

for transport and storage within vehicle

Product image Anti-theft device (CS)

secure the explosives and the vehicle

Product image Transport box for vehicle

for transport only

Product image Day box (Type 6, variable site)

for attented storage

Product image Maritime container


Product image Parts and specialized accessories

locksmithing, signs, sirens, padlock, display, placards (TDG), hardware, etc.

Product image General fabrication


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Truck modification and detonators compartment


Equipment leasing


Magazine reshaping


Mobil service truck

service and maintenance on the road 24h, 7days

Magazine door enlargement

for pallet use

Magazine division

building several magazines from one

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