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"We ensure that our manufacturing meets governmental standards."
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A few useful documents:

  • Directions to Protexplo's fabrication site (EN) (PDF) Directions to Protexplo's fabrication site (EN) (PDF)
  • Information for magazine door replacement only (PDF) Information for magazine door replacement only (PDF)
  • Magazine's sizes, capacities and weights (PDF) Magazine's sizes, capacities and weights (PDF)
  • Permis de vente, de dépôt ou de transport d'explosifs - 1994 (PDF) Permis de vente, de dépôt ou de transport d'explosifs - 1994 (PDF)
  • Permis général d'explosifs (2000-08-10) (L) (PDF) Permis général d'explosifs (2000-08-10) (L) (PDF)
  • Transport boxes' sizes, capacities and weights (PDF) Transport boxe's sizes, capacities and weights (PDF)
  • Protextour Protextour (PDF)
  • Protextour Form Protextour (PDF)
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Capacity calculation for transport box:

- Gross vehicle weight rating - GVWR (KG):

- Vehicle net weight (KG):

- Transport box weigth including permanent addons (KG):

= 0.00 KG : Payload

x 80%

= 0.00 KG : Capacity of explosives permitted.


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